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Mon, 24 Jan 2005

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Old past

I've been sneaking a look at nick's album from his trip to Japan. The snaps of the Tokyo Subway brought back memories of a fun trip I made a couple of years ago, even though I spent most of it on the JR trains. I would never have recognised spicemonkey with the new haircut.

I borrowed the Director's Cut of The Last Emperor from the library as I wanted to see Bertolucci's vision unimpeded. I agree that the rhythm of the film is much better but I don't like the excessive use of colour to depict the emperor's mood. It could have been done more subtlely. I found the scenes of the deserted forbidden city quite moving. Maybe the fillum has stuck in my mind as I almost feel I know the place personally. Reincarnation buffs will be disappointed to know that I am having to work very hard to learn a reasonable number of characters, so unless I was profoundly illiterate in a past life there's not even a vague hint that I have been there before. Besides, the rain-soaked Bradbury Building in Blade Runner is considerably more evocative to me.

I'm glad that, even if nunzilla is quiet at the moment, that sye continues to post thought provoking material.

When I was back in Yoorp for the holidays I was aware that my brother and I are no longer as close as we used to be. We grew up inseperable until I started at secondary school and he didn't join me for a couple of years. We then continued in parallel for another five years. The big break was when I left home for university and although we kept in touch and visited each other there was lot of catching up to do each time. We reunited completely before his first marriage, again after it failed, and again soon after his second marriage. My sister-in-law is very good for him but doesn't like me very much. I think his loyalties have been questioned over the last couple of months and now he has chosen to be a dedicated family man and I am glad for him. But I miss him. I hope that he doesn't get pulled too far away so that we lose contact completely. My sister-in-law has already told me that I am not expected to be there for his big birthday party in June. I think that it is now time for me to be patient but that will be very hard.

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