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Tue, 07 Dec 2004

04:02 [zork(~)] cat TheHomer.txt

The Horror! The Horror!

Although the walls in my apartment are pretty good I am forced to accept that my neighbour either has a new cellphone or a new ringtone. The tune is La Cucaracha. Oh, the humanity!

The crummy weather means that the pickings in the library's audiovisual room are getting quite slim. I'm making myself watch fillums that either I haven't seen in years or I was determined to see when they were released but never got around to it. In the former category I watched Bridge Over The River Kwai for the umpteenth time (but for the first time in about 10 years) and in the latter category Remains of the Day. Tonight's choice was part second category and part impulse, Tarkovsky's The Steamroller and the Violin (how could I resist such a title). As I was watching it I had the impression that if I turned the sound off then Sergei would become Andy Griffith and Sasha would become Opie. Try it and see!

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