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Thu, 06 Jan 2005

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They ran out of Dutch Crunch

There was no dutch crunch bread. So I had to get a french roll. It was quite tasty. I think I may need to retire the dutch crunch selection for a while.

The french roll interacted well with the swiss cheese. All and all goodness.

Mon, 20 Dec 2004

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Important Google Information Pertaining to LEE'S DELI

We have technology now. How great.,+CA&oi=localr

Wed, 29 Sep 2004

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Today's Adventure

I set out at lunch today to go somewhere that wasn't Lee's. For some reason I just didn't want it. I wanted something pizza-y. I headed out to the Crocker Galleria on Post (or Sutter depending on which direction you are coming from.) I looked at the San Francisco Soup Company (another big Downtown SF chain) and a few other places. Nothing looked appealing. Walked up Kearny towards North Beach, passed the International Food Court on Bush and Kearny to find a Lee's.

This Lee's had a nice dining room that looked into Belden Alley. Most of the Lee's are just Delis, with no dining space. This one also has a little salad bar.

I got my usual, and noticed that the price wasn't quite the same as the Lee's on Market. This isn't unusual as the Lee's on Market the price fluctuates depending on who makes the sandwich and what time of day it is. After getting my sandwich I also noticed that on the cash register there was a sticker stating that they round all prices to the nearest nickle. No pennies at Lee's. Horray for the abolishment of the penny.

I ended up with pizza for dinner. All and all not bad.

Thu, 23 Sep 2004

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Today no Lee's. Instead went to the International Food Court thing in the basement at Bush and Belden Place and got tacos. Need to get some filipino food there one day.

Wed, 22 Sep 2004

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Different Lee's

I went to the Lee's on New Montgomery today. Much bigger than the one on Market that usually go to. They have a salad bar, chinese food, and some burrito thing going on.

I got my usual. No melted cheese today, but I think they either use better Mayo or more mayo, or some better cheese. Quite tasty.

Tue, 21 Sep 2004

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Really Bloggy

It has come to my attention that blogs should have links. So, um here are some:

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Today's Sammich

They have topped themselves today at Lee's. Apparently by the time I got in to get my sandwich the Bacon had cooled down. So they heated it up in the microwave. When I asked for my slice of cheese on the sandwich they put the cheese on the BACON IN THE MICROWAVE.


This is probably the best so far. An almost hot BLT with melted Cheddar! Also discovered that Lee's has Orangina. Which is probably the best Orange drink in existence. Unfortunately I got the last one in the cooler so hopefully they get restocked daily.

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So I moved to SF in January. There were many things I didn't know about. Like where to get good lunches. After I got a job I found via a coworker Lee's Deli. Lee's Deli is great and cheap. There are several in downtown SF making it very convenient.

On their menu they had a BLT for like $3. Whatta lunch deal. They put tons of Bacon on it. It's like super bacon. So at first I would only get it on plain wheat bread. It was a super bacon sandwich, but with the wheat bread it would get mushy.

Then I found out about their other breads. I was on a path of upgrading to the Ultimate Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sammich.

This journal exists to log my journey to BLT nirvana.

Up to this point:

  • Replaced wheat bread with Dutch Crunch roll
  • Added two slices of swiss
  • Removed a slice of swiss, didn't change sandwich much and saves 5 cents
  • Changed swiss to cheddar.

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