[CrackMonkey] Where's the options diva?

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Mon Jul 3 16:02:58 PDT 2000

begin  Bob Bernstein quotation:
> While I'm attending to that detail, I notice that I have not seduced
> the Python Lady (aka 'Options Diva') out of hiding. Has there been
> some (more) unpleasantness around here that I missed that would
> account for her absence?

	Perhaps you haven't given her the chance to diagram one of
your jokes, or to tell the punchline implicit in one of your

	As for any further unpleasantness, you may wish to check the
archives of the linux-elitists list at zgp.org.  Our little sparring
matches had us muzzled there for a while.

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