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Bernard nutella at zork.net
Wed Jul 5 17:42:28 PDT 2000

06Jul2000 12:42AM (+0100) From [sneakums at eircom.net] sneakums [Paul J Collins]
> >>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard  <nutella at zork.net> writes:
>     Bernard> Anyway, just to make up for all my poor .sig habits in
>     Bernard> the past I'm going to make sure I put plenty in all my
>     Bernard> messages in the future.  After all, the RFC doesn't tell
>     Bernard> you *not* to use delimiters in your main text.
> That's because the RFC was not written for morons.  It was written for
> people who know that there is no key marked "any", and that "enter
> when ready" is not an invitation to violate your computer.

Au contraire!  RFC's are targeted towards morons so that when
someone tries to stop the chainsaw by grabbing the blade the
rest of the world can point to the appropriate RFC and snicker
into their keyboards.  If there were no morons around the world
would run on common sense, with no need for RFC's.
	For instance you are in breach of many Crackmonkey
	Giving an LFP without any kind of warning.
	Inclusion of copyrighted Simpsons jokes.
	Inclusion of very very very unfunny innuendo.
	Denying legitimate human/computer relationships.
	Missing non-sequitur.
	Missing ad hominem personal attack.
	Missing criticism of Nick.
	Being wrong.
	Not including a bad .sig delmiter and so breaking the thread.
	Being wrong.
	Being dull.
	Possession of a middle initial.
	Failing to possess an otter.
	Typing in a suspicious manner.
	Being wrong.
	Being a moron.

	I am surprised that I have to explain this to you.


Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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