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Bob Bernstein bobbern at delphi.com
Wed Jul 5 20:40:57 PDT 2000

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 05:42:28PM -0700, Bernard wrote:

> 	For instance you are in breach of many Crackmonkey
> RFC's;
> 	Giving an LFP without any kind of warning.

Ok, I give up. What's an LFP?

> 	Inclusion of copyrighted Simpsons jokes.

Not guilty.

> 	Inclusion of very very very unfunny innuendo.

Sometimes guilty.

> 	Denying legitimate human/computer relationships.


> 	Missing non-sequitur.

Usually guilty.

> 	Missing ad hominem personal attack.

I'm working on that!

> 	Missing criticism of Nick.


> 	Being wrong.

No more'n anyone else around here.

> 	Not including a bad .sig delmiter and so breaking the thread.


> 	Being wrong.


> 	Being dull.


> 	Possession of a middle initial.

Who told you?

> 	Failing to possess an otter.

Yeah? So?

> 	Typing in a suspicious manner.


> 	Being wrong.

Op. cit.

> 	Being a moron.

Frequently guilty.

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