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begin  Nick Moffitt quotation:
> http://www.peele.net/lib/aaabuse.html

	Marie R., for example, is a stable married woman in her 50's.
	One evening she drove after drinking beyond the legal limit
	and was apprehended in a police spot check. Like most drunk
	drivers, Marie did not meet the criteria for alcoholism, which
	include routine loss of control. (Research by Kaye Fillmore
	and Dennis Kelso of the University of California has found
	that most people arrested for drunk driving are able to
	moderate their drinking.)

	Marie admitted that she deserved to be penalized. Nonetheless,
	she was shocked when she learned that she faced a one-year
	license suspension.  Although irresponsible, her carelessness
	was not as serious as the recklessness of a DWI whose driving
	clearly endangers others. Such disproportionate sentences push
	all but the most stubborn DWIs to accept "treatment" instead;
	indeed, this may be their purpose. Like most offenders, Marie
	thought treatment was preferable, even though she had to pay
	$500 for it.

Well DUH.  I mean, her crime wasn't DRINKING, it was DRIVING.  The
drinking part just affected her, and is her own business.  The driving
part was the reckless bit.  She should have taken the suspension, and
drank alone more often.

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