[CrackMonkey] [thespian@slip.net: Re: [Pigdog] 12-Step-step-steppin' out on you..]

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Wed Jul 12 10:28:46 PDT 2000

begin  Bob Bernstein quotation:
> > Well DUH.  I mean, her crime wasn't DRINKING, it was DRIVING.  The
> > drinking part just affected her, and is her own business. 
> It stopped being her own business when she tooled out onto a public
> thoroughfare. 

	My point exactly.  Many people out there on the road have
impaired or inferior judgement.  Do we pull them over for being stupid
or sleepy or for having a cell phone attached to their heads?  No, we
pull them in for RECKLESS DRIVING.

	Once again: the drinking wasn't her crime; the driving was.

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