[CrackMonkey] Flame on!

Patrick patrick at feh.net
Wed Jul 12 18:33:51 PDT 2000

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Monkey Master wrote:

> 	Richard Stallman once told me a story about his encounter with
> the Scientologists.

And now I will tell you mine.

One night last year, my dear friend Nicko (not to be confused with Nick,
if that's what anyone was thinking) and I went drinking after work. A few
hours later, on the way from one bar to another, I puked on a flower bed
outside of the Church of Scientology. That apparently was enough to send
poor Nicko running home to his rather sobering then-girlfriend. Since I am
of a more Canadian caliber, I headed back to work, which was only a block
away, to get cleaned up and continue the mission. Sasha was just finishing
up his night shift, so he and I went to the bar to which Nicko and I had
almost gotten, and drank about $90 worth of martinis each. I guess since I
had never bothered with anything as fruity as a martini before, I didn't
really understand what would happen when it became interpolated with the
however much b33r I'd already had. But shortly after last call, the Church
of Scientology became aware of the repercussions as I spewed $90 worth of
martinis onto their window. I do remember a Caribbean guy across the
street cheering me on, but at this point I have no idea whether he was
being serious or sarcastic.

The Scientologists cleaned their window a few days later, but the great
part of this story is that the sizeable reddish-brown stain which ran down
the brick wall remained for another 6 months or so.

That's my story, and you're welcome.

"nor the direction of its email that appears in the box is certain"

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