[CrackMonkey] Flame on!

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Jul 12 18:49:07 PDT 2000

Patrick writes:

> On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Monkey Master wrote:
> > 	Richard Stallman once told me a story about his encounter with
> > the Scientologists.
> And now I will tell you mine.
> One night last year, my dear friend Nicko (not to be confused with Nick,
> if that's what anyone was thinking) and I went drinking after work. A few
> hours later, on the way from one bar to another, I puked on a flower bed
> outside of the Church of Scientology. That apparently was enough to send
> poor Nicko running home to his rather sobering then-girlfriend. Since I am
> of a more Canadian caliber, I headed back to work, which was only a block
> away, to get cleaned up and continue the mission. Sasha was just finishing
> up his night shift, so he and I went to the bar to which Nicko and I had
> almost gotten, and drank about $90 worth of martinis each. I guess since I
> had never bothered with anything as fruity as a martini before, I didn't
> really understand what would happen when it became interpolated with the
> however much b33r I'd already had. But shortly after last call, the Church
> of Scientology became aware of the repercussions as I spewed $90 worth of
> martinis onto their window. I do remember a Caribbean guy across the
> street cheering me on, but at this point I have no idea whether he was
> being serious or sarcastic.
> The Scientologists cleaned their window a few days later, but the great
> part of this story is that the sizeable reddish-brown stain which ran down
> the brick wall remained for another 6 months or so.
> That's my story, and you're welcome.

Richard Stallman's story is better.

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