[CrackMonkey] Bryer hints that he'll lift ban against ocbc (Was: [FRIENDS] Confirm or refute, please)

George J.P. Perry geoperry at iww.org
Fri Jul 14 16:40:08 PDT 2000

As to Pat's inquiry (quoted at end), it iridesces amateur... but clever
can forge stupidity...

... but, where ever derived this piece... in light of this day's
announcement... smile for the camera, smile for the bowl, peas-porrige in
the pot (or vice-versa).  

As to some once-or-future trial-balloon, I suppose that Our Beloved Rulers
could strategically withdraw from reefer-madness... 

... if space-aliens came down in saucers driven by ganja.

I saw video of Gore, only weeks ago, declaring "(paraphrasing) no
scientific basis for cannabis", and a disinterest in pursuing such a basis
remarkably parallel to Governor Davis' veto of the means to discover
whether California's Sworn Officers of the Peace were "racial profiling",
which he were sure they were not.  


On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Pat wrote:

> Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 17:23:04 EDT
> From: Pat <aahpat at netcarrier.com>
> Reply-To: friends at freecannabis.org
> To: geoperry at iww.org
> Subject: [FRIENDS] Confirm or refute, please
> People;
> I am trying to confirm or refute the information on the following web
> site.
> http://www.sightings.com/general2/marijane.htm
> DEA Confirms Sufficient Grounds To Remove Marijuana From Hard Drugs
> Schedule
> >From Jane S. Derry <derryj at gallatinriver.net>
> A Press Release from the Law Offices of Michael Kennedy 7-13-00
> DEA Refers Marijuana Rescheduling Petition to HHS
> Introduction
> Recent scientific evidence has forced the US Government through its
> Justice Department agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), to
> commence legally binding procedures that will likely result in the end
> of marijuana prohibition.
> Thanks for any and all information. Is it real or is it an urban myth?
> Pat
> aahpat at netcarrier.com
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