[CrackMonkey] "...since most of them already know what rubbers are for!"

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Jul 14 17:32:17 PDT 2000

	Go Jordan!

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> Someone who tries to shout good ideas down, as you 
> seem to take great pride in doing.
> --Brett

Argh.  Not this defense again.  Brett, I have to say that it's my true
and honest opinion that I've YET to see a single good idea from you.
Your ideas, not to put too fine a point on it, tend to be wild flights
of hallucinogenic fantasy and are not "good" by any stretch of the

I'm reminded more of certain marketing meetings I've been forced to
sit in where guys in suits stand up periodically to shout "I've got
it!  We'll include a free package of rubbers in every copy of our
firewall software!  People will thus associate us with ``protection''
since most of them already know what rubbers are for!"  Everyone else
in the room (except for the other marketdroids) is, of course, rolling
their eyes so wildly that some are toppling from their seats.

You know those Avis commercials where they show a group of people
brainstorming about how to improve the car rental business by renting
jet packs to executives or including aromatherapy candles in the back
seats?  That's what reading Advocacy and Security has been like
lately.  Not a bunch of good ideas well presented, just a bunch of
wild ideas presented by our resident wild man, Brett Glass.  Please
Brett, learn to recognise your own limitations!

- Jordan

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