[CrackMonkey] RFC: ORBS down

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Mon Jul 17 11:31:21 PDT 2000

ORBS is quite contraversial. They post a list of open relays blocked by
them, which makes spammers' lives easier. Their recent action towards
AboveNet made me lose my trust in them. AboveNet, a major ISP was blocking
their annoying and disruptive probes of their mailservers. As a
punishment, ORBS put them on the list. AboveNet is where bugtraq,
OpenAve, and many, many other things are hosted.

Aaron Lehmann

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Monkey Master wrote:

> begin  Bob Bernstein quotation:
> > http://www.orbs.org
> > 
> > MAPS vs. ORBS
> > 
> > What this all about? What's the deal? Who are the good guys, and who
> > are the bad guys? (Apply any measure of PC you care to.)
> Since these are all opt-in voluntary boycotts, they may all be the
> good guys.  The boycotts last until the offender fixes his relay, and
> all is well.
> I think this would get nasty if people felt pressured to participate
> in the blackhole lists.  Right now there are enough people who want to
> get all mail and risk losing business if they activate the RBLs.  
> Basically, I worry that the blackhole lists could become blacklists.
> Having multiple sources of offender lists is a good thing, as it keeps
> things from resting too heavily on one organization's judgement.
> I've worked at sites that were RBL'd by MAPS.  Basically we called up,
> and as soon as we said "Oh, sorry, we'll look into it", they took us
> off the list.  This is why I feel safe with MAPS.  Basically the only
> people who stay on the MAPS list are people who say "No, I will not
> close my relays."  
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