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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Jul 19 15:38:55 PDT 2000

Get That Mule Off Golden Gate Bridge
July 18, 2000 9:18 am EST

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Security officers stopped a man whose mule
was performing circus tricks on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on
Monday and asked him to get it off the span.

Golden Gate Bridge Manager Kary Witt said the officers took action
after mystified commuters phoned in to report the man, his mule, and a
dog walking southward toward San Francisco on one of the bridge's
pedestrian walkways.

"He said he was from Florida and was on his way to where Clint
Eastwood was the mayor," Witt said, noting that the actor had been
mayor of Carmel, California, in the 1980s.

"This mule and this dog apparently do tricks to make money, and they
started doing some right there on the bridge in the middle of rush
hour," Witt said.

Witt said officials "encouraged him to move on off the bridge before
the whole place became a circus" and then took up a small collection
of money to send him, his mule and his dog on their way south.

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