[CrackMonkey] Email from the Twilight Zone

George J.P. Perry geoperry at iww.org
Wed Jul 19 16:14:07 PDT 2000

You're treading water in your inbox, and you encounter a converstional
essay beginning:

>How's it going?
>I have a device I built I call the Crystal Projector. It cost me about 
>$1500 and 1 1/2 years of
>research to develop. I haven't figured the research and development costs 
>yet. It is a proven
>machine that makes rain in an area of about 100 miles in diameter.
>The Crystal Projector uses a Light Harmonizer with the light tools for 
>manipulating the
>harmonizer's light field. It uses a 3 dimensional boombox and musical 
>CD(s), etc. I play
>musical CD(s) like Bassgasm by Techmaster P.E.8, Singing Bowls from 
>Shangri-La (Like
>the Shangri-La Garden in Tibet) by Thea Surasu, Vulcan's Child...the 
>Environmental version
>by the Trans-Hyperborean Institute for Science, Afro-Desia by Steve 
>Halpern and Suru,
>Music From Beyond by Techno Bass Crew, etc.
>I talked to the Folks here about having some concerts in town with groups 
>like Willie Nelson,
>Black Sabbath, Thethe, Eurythmics, U2, Kansas, etc. Is there anyone that's 
>interested in
>having a concert here like Farm Aids, etc.?
>I made some changes on June 5, 2000. I added a Fluoride Crystal and the 
>skies here in
>Kansas turned white. The next day (June 6, 2000) I added a second Fluoride 
>Crystal and
>clouds in the sky started forming. On June 7, 2000 it was raining in Kansas.
>On June 19, 2000 I added a Fluoride Crystal to a device for the Crystal 
>Projector that
>increases and decreases the density of the Crystal Projector's light 
>field. Then it really
>started raining. The Earth's military started turning on more satellites 
>for "perfect weather" for
>weapons tests. It stopped raining and it got hot everywhere. The folks 
>I've been talking to
>here like the temperatures around 70 degrees or so.
>On July 15, 2000 I disconnected the UHF (TV) and VHF (radio) antennae I 
>was using for
>energy to make rain on the Earth. Part of the Earth's military, etc. using 
>Radio, TV, Tachyon
>antennae, etc. systems were manipulating the Crystal Projector for an 
>energy supply for War
>weapon systems which is a MURDERER'S  tool.
>On July 17, 2000... it's raining in Kansas! It takes about 2 days for the 
>Crystal Projector to
>affected the Earth's atmosphere and environment.
>News Reporters in the U.S.A. are writing news stories about Folks saying 
>they are thankful
>for the rains that are relief from the droughts (no rain). If I have to 
>shut the Crystal Projector
>down the droughts will come again.
>For over a century the Earth has had Artificial Weather. The Artificial 
>Weather started in the
>1800(s) when Nikola Telsa had the tower at Long Island that shot the 
>Lightning Bolt to the
>North Pole. Most of the Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, 
>Droughts (no rain),
>Cyclones, Flooding, etc. are the results of Artificial Weather.
>The simplest explanation of the cause of Artificial Weather today is a 
>mixture of Scalar
>Technology, Telsa Technology, and satellites in orbit about the Earth.
>I'm inviting all the HONEST Taxpayers like the President of the European 
>Union, etc. to
>come here to see the Crystal Projector, the documentation about Air Force 
>Modification and the documentation proving the Police of the Galactic 
>Federation, etc. tried
>to land here in response to emergency activation messages to investigate 
>crimes that are
>planetary and interplanetary in nature.
>The Police are ready to land here to have lunch, coffee, a beer,  look at 
>the legal
>documentation and take my legal testimony about the Crystal Projector and 
>technology, etc. I found out about during my research. You can read about 
>some of the
>Police Officers and their Children from the Galactic Federation, etc. at 
>the Paoweb, Ashtar
>Command and the Niribuancouncil computer websites. It doesn't matter where 
>you come
>from, what you look like, what matters is do you protect the Childrens, 
>the Environment of
>your home like the planet Earth, etc.
>If the President of the European Union, Global TV and Radio Reporters, 
>etc., Ralph Nader,
>etc. can come here for a Global News conference then the Police can land 
>Without the Global Conference, etc. part of the Earth's population like 
>the LIAR President
>Clinton, etc. will say the Police are landing on the Earth to invade when 
>all the Police are
>doing is accepting my invitation to have a meal, take legal testimony, 
>Environmental, etc. Crimes and maybe be my next door neighbor, etc.
>3 University students came to the house where I live and are working on a 
>film documentary.
>One of the Journalists is a Negroe gentleman. Some of the Police here are 
>giving him a
>problem. Some of the Police here are RACISTS.
>At the beginning of 1998 I started sending letters similar to this one 
>across the Earth. I have
>sent out at least 1,000 letters across the Earth.  No one has come to see 
>the Crystal
>Projector and the documentation because government agents, etc. have been 
>my letters to the Peoples of the Earth. I got letters about doing TV and 
>Radio documentaries
>  from people asking for information. I sent them the information and 
> never heard from them
>again. A nice Secret Service Agent named Tom came from Witchita, Kansas 
>came here to
>interview me about an e-mail letter I never wrote. The Head of the 
>University Security....a
>Police Officer... was also in the room when I was interviewed.
>If you look at the weather patterns that occurred all over the Earth after 
>I sent letters to
>people in various counties there are thing like Tornadoes that occur in 
>the countries where I
>send letters. On July 13, 2000 I sent letters to China to the Youth 
>Leagues..the children, etc.
>Then there was a Tornado there. Part of what goes on is that everyone I 
>send letters to
>them to come here to Pittsburg, Kansas...they get more  Artificial Weather 
>At the beginning of last year I gave the Police here $100 worth of 
>documentation and
>explained about artificial weather, etc. They should have gotten on Global 
>TV, etc. with me.
>The Police didn't! The Police here are afraid of an honest Lie Detector 
>test. I'm not!
>At the hunger site in the U.S.A. I read that every 3.6 seconds a person 
>dies on the Earth.
>Most of them die as the result of Artificial Weather. They are being 
>MURDERED!  According
>to my calculator that's about 22 million people every week unless there's 
>something wrong
>with my calculator. I also talked to the District Attorney's office in 
>Crawford County, Kansas
>and the FBI in Joplin, Missouri about Artificial Weather, etc. They did 
>Pittsburg, Kansas is in the south east corner of Kansas, U.S.A. There is a 
>small airport in
>town that can handle small Lear jets, etc.
>Joplin, Missouri is about an hour's drive from Pittsburg, Kansas. The 
>airport there handles
>about anything for airplanes. They have rental cars there.
>If I'm not at home, please leave a note. I'm probably at the library or 
>scrounging food from a
>church. My unemployment that my former employer and the State of Kansas 
>approved is
>based on illegal and unwanted CIA,  etc. activities. My unemployment 
>documentation is
>good enough for Legal Precedents across the Earth!  No one will hire me 
>and I ran out of
>unemployment. There is a motel around the corner from where I live.
>I'd give you all a telephone number but I'm too poor to have one.
>A lot of HONEST Taxpayers and MERIT People across the planet Earth don't 
>like corruption
>like the Electoral College, Political Appointees, Governments, Phoney legal
>Documentation, etc. It's easy enough to charge those "people" with aiding 
>and abetting the
>premeditated Murderers of Millions and if you start in the 1800(s) 
>billions of people. An
>honest trial should last a WEEK and an EXECUTION a day. People that like 
>long trials, etc.
>are corrupt  and can be charged with aiding and abetting Premeditated 
>Murder with Artificial
>Weather, etc.
>James Wolff
>(James W)
>1005 W. 3rd. Street
>Pittsburg, Kansas, U.S.A.
>http://www.care2.com - Homebase for people who care about the Environment!
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>http://www.care2.com - Homebase for people who care about the Environment!

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