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Fri Jul 21 16:14:46 PDT 2000

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19Jul2000 02:22PM (-0700) From [evangelo at pigdog.org] evangelo [The
Mighty Silverback]
> Anyways, if I don't get a big ol' hillbilly truck, I'm going to get
> one of those bitchen old Citroen DSes:
>         http://www.ccc-uk.demon.co.uk/images/ds21p.jpg
> Of course, I'd have to wear sunglasses and a turtleneck everywhere,
> but that the price you pay for STYLE.

Another thing is that, because of the compressed gas suspension,
you can apparently drive it away with a clamp on one wheel.

Now, lookee here!  We all know that you are just trying to
manipulate our feelings with some kind of "Wonderful Life"
ploy so that we'll all chip in to buy you a new penis^H^H^H^H^H
vehicle.  We all know that you want some kind of macho-sounding
motor like a Dodge Ram, a Pontiac Grand Prick or a Ford Groin
Smasher (the successor to the poorly selling Ford Pantie Liner).
Well, it ain't gonna work as none of 'Dawgs have consciences,
let alone money.
	What you need is a true evil-looking countrified
machine o'death.  I suggest;

as you'll always be able to make somewhere to park.


...and a thousand curses on those that 'jacked the 4RoD.

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