[CrackMonkey] Camp Linux (Was: Article idea?)

George J.P. Perry geoperry at iww.org
Mon Jul 24 12:50:03 PDT 2000

Baron, Since I'm heading out to Roseville (Hell's Foyer in Summer) for
linux-camp, you can have "My Idea" (tm).  I was rambling about a "How
Pigdog Ducked/Shined/Stiffed WZ2K" article for pd-j... 

... narrating how we built up for the big annual, how storm-clouds
gathered and threatened to rain on our parade, and how The Starks tipped
us over into playing hookey... which is to say into advanced research into
leisure-science & beverage-technology... 

... I'd intended to include some re-entrant perspective, where we're
sitting around talking about how we stiffed wz2k... and you can take it,
and run... 

... if the whole notion stands up to the light of a new day, and a clear
hea... may be you should have a drink, and think it over.  

Nick, M$ finally drove Albert Mitchell <amresearch.com> -- one of my
friends/colleagues @svfig -- around the bend & down the road to the
Promised Land.  He scored the latest suse & three (3) new boxes.  We're
gonna' put linux on 'em, get 'em talkin' to each other, and then configure
a server & two (2) clients, putting the store on the server, and a
firewall between it and the development machines... the more I read, we'll
probably configure them during installation... when we' think we're done,
we'll invite folks to shoot at it, and then check it for holes.  More when
I learn more.

-George Perry... Dictator-For-Life, Silicon Valley FIG

p.s... "Juggler Vain", "House of Dung", "Dunghouse", "Dunghaus" (and
variants, thereto), "LinuxCamp", "Camp Linux (&etc.), "My Idea", and
"WierdWrestlingWire" are copyright 2000, and trademarks registered with
the House of Dung

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, enigma wrote:

> Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 22:15:49 -0700
> From: enigma <enigma at totse.com>
> To: George J.P. Perry <geoperry at iww.org>
> Subject: Article idea?
> You had written down some article ideas on a piece of paper at the BBQ. One
> of them sparked an idea in my head that I really wanted to write about, but
> now I can't remember what that was. Do you still have that list? Could you
> mail it to me? I'm hoping it'll re-spark whatever my idea was.
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