[CrackMonkey] Re: Camp Linux (Was: Article idea?)

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Mon Jul 24 12:55:22 PDT 2000

begin  George J.P. Perry quotation:
> Nick, M$ finally drove Albert Mitchell <amresearch.com> -- one of my
> friends/colleagues @svfig -- around the bend & down the road to the
> Promised Land.  He scored the latest suse & three (3) new boxes.
> We're gonna' put linux on 'em, get 'em talkin' to each other, and
> then configure a server & two (2) clients, putting the store on the
> server, and a firewall between it and the development machines...
> the more I read, we'll probably configure them during
> installation... when we' think we're done, we'll invite folks to
> shoot at it, and then check it for holes.  More when I learn more.

	I would not advise using SuSE for anything other than a newbie
desktop system.  For servers, I'd use Debian or one of the BSDs.

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