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Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Mon Jul 24 15:25:08 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> writes:

    Rick> begin  Paul J Collins quotation:
    Rick> (2) You're within driving distance of Menlo Park, CA, 
    >> Alas, no.  Ireland.

    Rick> Ah, thus the telco surcharges.  Sorry about the irrelevant
    Rick> suggestion, then: I had no idea where you were participating
    Rick> from.

No problem; my ISP used to be called tinet.ie, then the state spun it
off and floated it, whereupon it renamed itself eircom.  The shares
are now worth less than the issue prices; issued at around E 3.70, now
worth E 2.50.

    Rick> Curiously enough, the name "Menlo Park" is Irish, twice
    Rick> removed: The town in California is named for Thomas Edison's
    Rick> home town in New Jersey, whose name in turn is corrupted
    Rick> from a Celtic name.

There is a surname Maonlaoi (spelling is wrong) that sounds quite like
    >> I hear the current potato snaps are close to rock-solid, so that don't
    >> bother me none.

    Rick> It's pretty solid.  I've _burned_ an unofficial potato CD
    Rick> set, from a site in Hungary that was (is?) offering them via
    Rick> ftp, and it was somewhat incomplete in some areas (such as
    Rick> X), but otherwise worthwhile.  No idea if the commercial
    Rick> vendors listed on the vendor list do better than he did, but
    Rick> it seems likely.

One of the Debian developers is in the UK, and he has a set of gold
snaps of potato available.  I'll check it out.
One thing I've been wondering about; the package system.  At the
moment, I build all my software from source, install em under
/usr/local/stow (by changing $(prefix) during make install) and fold
their trees into /usr/local using GNU stow.  Is there anything to be
gained by preferring debs?

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