[CrackMonkey] [Pigdog] Re: Camp Linux (Was: Article idea?)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 24 15:52:33 PDT 2000

begin Paul J Collins quotation:
> One thing I've been wondering about; the package system.  At the
> moment, I build all my software from source, install em under
> /usr/local/stow (by changing $(prefix) during make install) and fold
> their trees into /usr/local using GNU stow.  Is there anything to be
> gained by preferring debs?

Convenience, essentially.  You get binaries pre-built, for better or
worse, get dependencies taken care of automatically instead of manually,
and are spared the work of making the software LSB-compliant and
otherwise in compliance with Debian Policy

Within those constraints (which some might like and others detest), plus
a few inevitable one-size-fits-all compromises, I've found the quality
of package builds to be very high comparied to those of most Linux

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