[CrackMonkey] dammit

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at flynn.zork.net
Fri Jul 28 07:23:57 PDT 2000

Quoting Don Marti:
> > DAMN, Don! What's with the bad attitude? By the principle of the-enemy-
> > of-my-enemy-is-my-friend, you should be backing up Napster. Sure,
> > they're dumb proprietary yadda-yadda, but they're getting hit by the
> > RIAA, the people who'd love to find the headquarters of the Internet
> > and send it a cease-and-desist.
> I don't dig on this "enemy of my enemy is my friend" bullshit. Cyber
> Patrol is my enemy because they block important political speech in
> public places. Does this mean I have to issue a statement endorsing
> every site blocked by Cyber Patrol? I mean, come on, some of them use
> Flash.

Don't be ridiculous. The Napster loss is a precedent. Digital law is
being formed _right now_-- cutting Napster loose because it happens to
be proprietary seems a tad overly dogmatic to me. How long do you
think other such services will remain on the up and up when the
granddaddy music exhchange rots in prison? Or are you actually looking 
forward to that romantic day when we get to be a part of the covert
underground? Your hatred for proprietary software has blinded you to 
the importance of this case.

> So, for every entry on your shit list, do you have to put all the
> entries on _their_ shit list in whatever the opposite of a shit list is?
> (Cake list? Jumbo Beef Log list?) So the longer your shit list becomes,
> the more people you have to be nice to? I say fuck that.

Well done, Don, that last paragraph was *very* Crackmonkey.


      "She's laughin in her sleeve, boys;
   I can feel it in my bones."  -- Tom Waits

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