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Peter A. Peterson II pedro at flynn.zork.net
Fri Jul 28 09:39:40 PDT 2000

Quoting Don Marti:
> begin  Peter A. Peterson II quotation of Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 09:23:57AM -0500:
> Napster was just trying to say "we're legit, its our users who are
> breaking the law." So if you use Napster, you are already part of the
> underground.  The lame-ass Metallica-listening underground, but still.
> And what other such services?  freenet.sourceforge.net?

Perhaps "services" was the wrong word -- but software like GNUtella
and opennap will come under attack next, with the RIAA backed by the
governmental decision. 

OR, they'll go after hardware makers so that we can't make digital 
copies, even if we wanted to. Won't that be grand?

Supporting Napster is not about supporting Napster, Inc. -- It's about 
the principles of property that are in debate right now -- exactly the 
thing that makes you hate Napster. But  Napster is the little fish 
here -- the bigger question is what the new laws will allow us to do.

I would rather see Napster win the decision, and then dump Napster for
freenet, or GNUtella or something like that. But the fact remains that
Napster was in the position to push precedent *our way*. Quibbling
over Napster's business or it's software copyrights is not helpful.


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