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Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Sat Jul 29 23:51:15 PDT 2000

begin  Zen-O-Phobia quotation:
> 	This is the same ish that went on with Bleem!.  A company I
> hate being attacked for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.  No matter what you
> think, though, Napster's victory would mean more to anyone than
> their loss.  If they win, there's no freedom lost, but if they lose,
> then there still won't be any metallica-loving 12-year-olds talking
> about how great it was that that proprietary software company got
> sent down the crapper.

	Ah, but you must understand the Don Marti agenda here.

	If Napster goes down the tubes, it's an OPEN NICHE for
excellent pieces of FREE SOFTWARE to swarm in carrying freedom like
malaria on a tse-tse.  If we can get a freenet-like network up just in
time for Napster's proprietary ass get raked over the legal coals,
then we have WON.

	But the software isn't there yet.  Gnutella was the orphaned
product of a subsidiary of THE MAN, and will be treated like the
syringe in the Pepsi.  The AOL/Time Warner/McDonalds/OPEC/Rockefeller
conglomerate that owned the little hackbox that churned out gnutella
how FREE SOFTWARE is a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY and the

	So, that leaves us with a big smelly pile of JAVUR that a
bunch of big, dumb, dogshit-eating hillbillies have used to implement
an ingenious freenet protocol.  

	One other thing you should look at (and thanks go out to raph
levien of libart and advogato fame for pointing this out to me) is
Mojo Nation.  It's a file-sharing system that tries to build an
economy in.  They've done all the scary crypto and privacy stuff ( not
always the same thing), and this may be the first good implementation
of the ludicrous digital cash idea.

	If nothing else, Mojo Nation could be a good red cape to
distract the PR bull with.

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