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Sun Jul 30 10:07:10 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve M Bibayoff <smb23 at csufresno.edu> writes:

    Steve> One of the better part is-
    Steve> "The Mojo Nation infrastructure is being developed by
    Steve> Autonomous Zone Industries with an open source license
    Steve> (LGPL)"

Let's get it right: the LGPL is a _free software_ license, a slightly
weakened version of the GPL that allows linking with non-GPL code.
The LGPL should not be used for an application program.  Its intent is
to allow free software libraries to be linked to by proprietary
software, and its use is recommended when the library in question is
not unique, such as in the case of the GNU C Library.

The phrase "the beta client distribution includes source code"
concerns me somewhat; it suggests to my paranoid mind that source code
may not always be available.  Being the copyright holders, they could
easily relicense in a similar fashion to SSH once MojoNation reached
critical mass; but surely they realise what happens in cases like

I am not convinced that there is a need for anonymous publishing; the
canonical example of dissidents in a repressive regime does not cut
much ice with me, since such regimes typically restrict access to
communcications and publishing equipment, including computers.  But in
this age of major invasions of privacy, perhaps we need the opposite
extreme in order to make the point.


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