[CrackMonkey] dammit

Steve M Bibayoff smb23 at csufresno.edu
Sun Jul 30 09:03:25 PDT 2000

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Monkey Master wrote:
> begin  Don Marti Lives Three Hours from Nowhere quotation:
> > > 	One other thing you should look at (and thanks go out to raph
> > > levien of libart and advogato fame for pointing this out to me) is
> > > Mojo Nation.  
> > 
> > Where?
> 	Don't be a lazy ass, Don.  Do the SourceForge search and then
> YOU TELL ME where.
> 	Unfortunately, mojonation.net seems to be down at the moment.

> > Kewl.  The "economy" in a file-sharing system just needs to be good
> > enough to provide some incentive not to be a total freeloader all
> > your life.  It doesn't need to be a Swiss bank.
> 	Well, it needs to provide a mechanism for those who want it,
> but it shouldn't be cumbersome for those who wish to share.

One of the better part is-
"The Mojo Nation infrastructure is being developed by Autonomous Zone
Industries with an open source license (LGPL)"

If Microsoft doesn't trust Windows(TM), why should you?

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