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Sun Jul 30 19:55:57 PDT 2000

begin  Dylan Northrup quotation:
> The gist is that since boomer parents try to use pharmaceuticals
> instead of real parenting to control their children's behaviors, the
> children become accustomed to using drugs and believe they know
> enough to experiment with drugs on their own leading to less belief
> in what the Man tells them and more reliance on their own
> experimentation and the word of mouth reports of their peers.

	Worse than boomer parents is boomer psychiatrists.  They lost
a lot of cred in the seventies because analysts, counselors, and faith
healers were doing most of the work.  They had to make their pay by
using the only real distinguishing factor they had: the ability to
prescribe pharmaceuticals.

	This, coupled with a faith in the big ol' hippy happy-pill
caused a nation of middle-class and affluent children to be diagnosed
as too hyperactive to be parented normally.  The kids have a
dependence on the damn meds, and are often pareded around in states of
withdrawal as examples of why our children NEED THESE DRUGS.

	This usually goes along with Interstate Trucking and the
federal highway funding as an example of how the Fed likes to enable
drug abuse as much as possible.

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