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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun Jul 30 20:04:48 PDT 2000

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Old Hitler Weird Erotica Toy
Item #392230900

"I thought this item was solded a couple of months ago after making its
reserve price. Never heard from the winner so here it is again. This
Hitler toy works by pulling the string that is comes out of the back of
the box. This causes the hand and arm to move in a back and forth motion
in a sexual way. Found this weird item as I was cleaning out a basement
in a trunk. It probably dates from the 1950's. The box has the correct
top and measures 2.15 by 3.25 inches. In MINT condition ! Winner to pay
4.75 dollars for shipping and insurance. Checks must wait 10 days. Money
orders and Pay Pal get next day shipping. Va. residents must pay 4.5%
sales tax unless exempt. Thanks for looking , Barry."


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