[free-sklyarov] A natural ally -- Stephen King?

Peter pmasloch at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 1 05:14:13 PDT 2001

The reason why Stephen King stopped this was because it was not 
successful. Not many people paid the $ just to read it 1 time.
I also would rather buy his books :-)

Rob McGee wrote:

> Think about it. This is a writer who fought the growing cancer of IP,
> and he did it creatively, offering his fare at a fair, low price. I
> don't know how that went for him, but I just checked his Web site
> ( http://www.stephenking.com/ ) and it said the project is on hold for
> the time being.
> I don't know anything about it -- I only vaguely recall hearing about
> him offering a novel free for download, and asking only US$1 or so as
> payment if you liked it. I also thought I had heard he was successful
> with it, but if so, it looks like the IP thugs have figured out a way to
> put him out of business.
> Does anyone know more about that project of his? Was it motivated as I
> suspect it might have been, to eliminate the slimy IP weasels of the
> publishing business?
> If so, he's our man. If we can get a high-profile popular mainstream
> personality to pick up our banner, we can increase the attention we get.
> Plus, he's loaded with connections to other authors and celebrities.
> Perhaps someone from EFF, or with authority to speak for Dmitri himself,
> should write to him and ask for his support.
> Just a suggestion, trying to help ...
>     Rob - /dev/rob0
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