[free-sklyarov] 2600 in North Carolina???

Adrian Dunston adunston at jetstream.com
Wed Aug 1 05:55:46 PDT 2001

>I am in Charlotte, NC and noticed that there is NO 2600 group here.  
>That was surprising, but what was more shocking was  that there 
>isn't one in Raleigh either!  

	There was a 2600 group in Raleigh (check your back issues) at
Crabtree Valley Mall.  According to a friend of mine, each meeting was
attended by three or four different lamers wanting to know how to find good
pr0n while making free long distance calls.  I planned on going to one
myself, but the Crabtree Valley group seems to have disbanded.  I think
Charlotte's a great place for a group.  Maybe if you get one together, I'll
drive down there.

-Adrian P. Dunston

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