[free-sklyarov] fund for legal proceedings

Alexander Moskalyuk prostoalex at hotbox.ru
Wed Aug 1 08:40:23 PDT 2001

>Phil's chief piece of advice was a legal defense fund 
>for Dmitry, to be set 
>up by the lawyer for best results.  

I have a question. Right after the arrest we had the 
opportunity to make donations to EFF or to the PayPal 
account organized by Shmoo.com people. I think the 
dmitry at shmoo.com people made it clear that whatever 
money they get it would go to Dmitry.

What about the money donated to EFF? I think they made 
a public statement about the rate of new donations 
rising substantially, but can we expect that money to 
go to the legal fund if needed? Since EFF has taken a 
rather neutral position after the mutual press-release 
on Monday, my question is - what will happen to all 
the funds donated to EFF on Dmitry's behalf?

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Alexander Moskalyuk
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