[free-sklyarov] Sen Feinstein's Definition of Credible

Rob McGee SerrQzvgev at zxmail.com
Wed Aug 1 22:48:44 PDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 07:10:33PM -0700, alfee cube wrote:
> does anyone know if senator feinstein has defined what
> she considers to be either the incredible or credible
> opposition to DMCA?

I think the standard political definition of "credible opposition" is
"an organization or individual offering substantial campaign contribu-
tions to legislators who will oppose something." There is overwhelming
credible support for more fascism, and little credible opposition.

The definition of a "substantial contribution" is subjective and varies
widely. But when you have gangs like MPAA/RIAA/SPA waving millions under
Congressional noses, a few thousand here and there is not credible.

    Rob - /dev/rob0

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