[free-sklyarov] How to explain what Sklyarov did

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Aug 2 00:56:33 PDT 2001

How explain people what Sklyarov did.
He created a replication device.
Let people imagine they have a replicator in their houses
When you put any object in the replicator it creates a copy
of that thing. Be it plate, TV set or automobile. It replicates
Now i have 3 questions:
1) Is is against law to create a replicator ? (this is what sklyarov did)
2) Is it against law to put anything in the replicator
   in order to create spare copy ? (fare use)
3) Is it against law to create as many copies as you wish ?
   (in other words to fake copyrights system)

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