[free-sklyarov] the Russian angle (was "NC Call ...")

Michael Scottaline nbhs2 at i-2000.com
Thu Aug 2 03:12:55 PDT 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001 02:26:20 +0200
Tom <tom at lemuria.org> insightfully noted:

> > I think it can be explained 100% by the enormous political and
> economic
> > power of the USA as opposed to both Russia and China. 
> specifically russia. from what I know (I may be wrong, I'm not a
> russian), russia is literally afraid of the economic power of the USA.
> the breakdown of the russian financial system was considerably aided by
> certain activities and more importantly non-activities of that
> corporate republic of yours. it definitely taught the russians that
> they are now at the mercy of their former enemy.
Hmmmm.  What were the Chinese thinking when they held and American plane
and crew for so long?
The Russians have NOT been afraid to be openly critical in other contexts
(missile defense).  I'm not so certain this is really the answer.  The
Russians don't have to launch an attack, but a public open criticism of
the arrest would seem appropriate.  I doubt such a gesture would engender,
..."a full retaliatory response..."

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