[free-sklyarov] the Russian angle (was "NC Call ...")

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Aug 2 03:13:03 PDT 2001

T> specifically russia. from what I know (I may be wrong, I'm not a
T> russian), russia is literally afraid of the economic power of the USA.
T> the breakdown of the russian financial system was considerably aided by
T> certain activities and more importantly non-activities of that
T> corporate republic of yours. it definitely taught the russians that
T> they are now at the mercy of their former enemy.

In fact there are plenty of rumours in russia that US economy may
collapse at any moment. So it is not US economy that threatens
russia, but agressiveness of US defending its economical
interests. Enforcing copyrights is just one part of it.
Attempts to commercialize internet is one more part of it.
Weaponization of space is one more threatening part of it.
I have nothing against globalization in general but the
way it's being done threatens me - corporations do not
leave nations the right to decide.

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