[free-sklyarov] From SFGate

Klepht klepht at eleutheria.org
Thu Aug 2 11:01:29 PDT 2001

>>>>> "CK" == Carrie Kirby <ckirby at sfchronicle.com> writes:

    CK> pieces written by sfgate staff do not migrate to the printed
    CK> Chronicle.  However, there will be a piece on the whole free
    CK> Dmitry thing in the printed paper.

That's cool to hear. I have to say, Neil McAllister's analysis is
spot-on, and I'd be amazed if you didn't run that.

    CK> Carrie Kirby tech reporter San Francisco Chronicle

Lurker! B-) 


P.S. If you need any contacts for people involved locally, drop me a
line off-list. I could maybe even get you an interview with Don Marti
(no promises).

klepht at eleutheria.org

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