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Christopher R. Maden crism at maden.org
Thu Aug 2 22:26:24 PDT 2001

At 10:50 2-08-2001, Carrie Kirby wrote:
>pieces written by sfgate staff do not migrate to the printed Chronicle.
>However, there will be a piece on the whole free Dmitry thing in the printed

I hope it gets a few minor details more accurate:

Dmitry was not, as far as I know, arrested "[i]mmediately following [his 
presentation], as he left the stage".  That's certainly more dramatic than 
being arrested at his hotel, but not accurate AFAIK.

And I don't believe that DoJ sued 2600 - it was members of the MPAA, 
no?  (Universal City Studios, Inc., et al.)  The USA is an "intervenor", 
but I don't think that's quite the same thing (IANAL).

(I also found Bruce Perens's assertion that AEBPR is "popular with blind 
users" to be a bit odd - it might be, if it were sold, but IIRC something 
like 9 copies were actually sold before the server was shut down.)

David Shapiro: You know what you doing.  Free Dmitry!  For great justice.
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