[free-sklyarov] MN Photo

nobody moseng2 at underwhelm.org
Thu Aug 2 21:33:19 PDT 2001

Here is the response from the gentleman and father in the photo from the
MN protest:

You found the right persons.  The Father and Son
pictured is me and my son.  
Paul and Mitchell Butalla
age 35 and 6  FYI
[from] Edgar Wisconsin FYI
I have no objection to my or my son's image release if
it promotes this effort to repeal or severely modify
the DMCA.  A fair public "Fair Use" policy and
intellectual use should be the issue.  The best way to
release it should be under the "GPL'ed" format or
something similiar to this. The "GPL" (General Public
License) movement is also a worthy effort.  Good luck
too you all and We had a wonderful time in Minnesota.
Paul Butalla

If anyone has further questions for the gentleman from Wisconsin, I will
release his email to journalists; otherwise please forward the questions
to me, as I am sure he values his time and privacy.

Free Dmitry.
Repeal the DMCA.

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