[free-sklyarov] Why is Sklyarov still in jail?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Aug 3 07:55:44 PDT 2001

Ed Carp writes:

> Why is he still in jail?  Why is the EFF sitting on its hands?

EFF isn't representing Dmitry Sklyarov.  Joseph Burton is representing
Dmitry Sklyarov.

EFF is working hard on this case, but can't make legal motions on
behalf of Sklyarov.

> Why doesn't
> someone file a writ of habeas corpus in Federal court to get this man out of
> jail?

"Too early" -- an experienced lawyer.

Nobody feels that the government has violated legal standards for a
speedy and public trial yet.  Committed a monstrous injustice, yes.
Made the U.S. look ridiculous and frightening to the rest of the
world, sure.  Violated legal standards for procedural due process in
criminal cases, no.

> Why is he being held incommunicado?

He's not.

> Why is he being denied bail?

The bail hearing hasn't happened yet.

Sklyarov is being treated, say attorneys, no worse than your typical
Federal prisoner.

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