[free-sklyarov] Wretched article at inside.com

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Sat Aug 4 17:45:39 PDT 2001

> >
> > Anyone for a march on the AAP offices during Usenix?  These people
> > have basically declared war on programmers.
> >
> > -Doug
> Not just programmers but on the Republic itself. The more I read what the 
> founding fathers *meant with copyright and about their concerns about 
> monopolies granted by the state, I'm moving to the position that people such 
> as Parloff are traitors to the Republic.
> And I'm not just throwing words. I *mean it.
> The free flow of ideas is essential to maintaining a democracy. Ours is in 
> enough trouble with a public that is becoming increasingly less educated and 
> informed. But to directly assault the limitations the founders meant on 
> monopolies on information is to betray what this nation allegeds to be.
> "Intellectual property" is, I now think, treason.

Also, bear in mind the DMCA came from a treaty with the WIPO. I think someone
mentioned this, but just to toss it out again, doesn't this treaty overrule
our national laws. Meaning, how much effect would our Supreme Court have
over the WIPO or laws coming down from them? It seems like we are also losing 
our "Checks and Balances."

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