[free-sklyarov] Does Adobe's EBook reader actually prevent copying?

David Haworth david.haworth at altavista.net
Mon Aug 6 02:19:45 PDT 2001

Can someone with more knowledge than I have confirm or deny this?

I suggest that Adobe's ebook reader doesn't actually prevent copying.
If you install a (legally bought) copy of Windows in a vmware virtual
machine, install the ebook reader on that virtual machine and then buy
one or more ebooks keyed to that virtual machine - what happens if
you transfer the entire virtual drive (just a file to the host OS)
to another machine that runs vmware? Does it work?

The reason I'm asking is that I believe Dmitry was arrested on
unsubstantiated complaints from Adobe. The FBI guy who made the
arrest took the original complaint from Adobe, made one or
two cursory checks (yes, the software is downloadable, yes,
it removes protections from the files) but didn't actually
check Adobe's other claims - "the eBook reader protects the book from
copying" being a prime example. There's an argument that the
eBook reader works "when used as intended" (that's like saying
"this insurance policy protects your car against theft unless someone
actually steals it") - but if it's possible to use standard
widely-available programs to circumvent the "protection", it
destroys any shred of truth in Adobe's claims.

Now, what are the penalties for making flase claims leading to
a wrongful arrest ???

David Haworth
Baiersdorf, Germany
david.haworth at altavista.net

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