[free-sklyarov] Does Adobe's EBook reader actually prevent copying?

the Edward Blevins thedward at barsoom.net
Mon Aug 6 07:30:15 PDT 2001

On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 11:19:45AM +0200, David Haworth wrote:
> Can someone with more knowledge than I have confirm or deny this?
> I suggest that Adobe's ebook reader doesn't actually prevent copying.
> If you install a (legally bought) copy of Windows in a vmware virtual
> machine, install the ebook reader on that virtual machine and then buy
> one or more ebooks keyed to that virtual machine - what happens if
> you transfer the entire virtual drive (just a file to the host OS)
> to another machine that runs vmware? Does it work?

If it works, they'll probably come arrest you. You just demonstrated
that vmware could be used as a circumvention device and is therefore
illegal. Hide your copies, folks.

If things don't get "fixed", and things keep heading in the wrong
direction, they'll have to outlaw free (as in speech) software, and
heck, you'll probably have to have a government license to have a
compiler (and of course you won't get source to THAT).

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