[free-sklyarov] Outrage as book hits Japan schools

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Tue Aug 7 19:58:16 PDT 2001

On 07-Aug-2001, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> Begin Jon O . quotation:
> > Dmitry has quite a bit to do with eBooks. We have been discussing
> > the Dangers of eBooks. This is Japan deciding to openly rewrite
> > history using textbooks, textbooks which are quickly becoming
> > eBooks.
> 	This strikes me as a tenuous link.
> 	"Well, pornography is distributed electronically, like
> e-books, so that's why I forwarded this pornography to the mailing
> list!"
> 	Please stay on the topic of freeing Dmitry Sklyarov.

Again, many of the Free Dmitry Protesters use signs conveying messages
        Free Speech
        IP Issues
        Fair Use

There are also disussion asking how we can involve Libraries, Open Source 
people, etc. 

If you attempt to take away anyone of these issues and create a "Free Dmitry Only"
atmosphere it will not assist your cause. If this list, movement, etc becomes
a "get this guy out of jail only" environment you will lose the overall battle and
will have to unite again when the next DMCA voilation arrest occurrs.

Do not forget, the first protest was not simply limited to "Free Dmitry" and had a
strong "Boycott Adobe" theme...

But, you may be right the people in Japan who don't like the textbook are probably
a different bunch of folks with different motives.

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