[free-sklyarov] Outrage as book hits Japan schools

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Aug 7 20:15:50 PDT 2001

Begin Jon O . quotation:
> Again, many of the Free Dmitry Protesters use signs conveying
> messages about:
>         Libraries
>         Free Speech
>         eBooks
>         Anti-DMCA
>         IP Issues
>         Fair Use
>         Etc.
> There are also disussion asking how we can involve Libraries, Open
> Source people, etc. 

	These are directly related to the topic of freeing dmitry.

> But, you may be right the people in Japan who don't like the
> textbook are probably a different bunch of folks with different
> motives.

	If you would like, I can create a mailing list for the
discussion of historical revisionism.  I can set you up as the
moderator and manager of the list.

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slovenly, while FBI agents are very persistent in hunting them." --Pravda
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