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  Slashdot *the* technical hangout?
  by: sigh_more_trolls (31/M) 
08/08/01 11:11 am
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  I disagree strongly with your statement that
Slashdot is "the hangout for *the* tech crowd".
Slashdot is more the hangout for a *certain
  self-selected segment* of the tech crowd -- plus a
fair number of tech-crowd wannabees.

  For every fanatical Slashdot reader, I know just as
many creative, intelligent, highly technical people
who laugh at what they read there. For any
  given topic, you've got a healthy display of
irrational technical bigotry, unfounded speculation
and inaccurate rumors (and multiple levels of people
  taking those rumors/speculation as if they were the
gospel truth and adding on their own nugget of wisdom;
a real-world game of telephone!), and
  script kiddies repeating the opinion du jour they
read somewhere upthread, hoping that properly mouthing
the lingo will show that they deserve to
  be part of the 3L33T HAX0R crowd, too. This is not
to deny that there aren't occasionally interesting,
useful, or thoughful things posted on
  Slashdot. But on the whole, it's the "cool table"
for people who never got to sit at the "cool table" in
high school.

  It's the groupthink of the Slashdot crowd that
annoys me most of all: the supreme arrogance that
THEIR way is the ONE TRUE way, that any
  right-thinking person will instantly see the truth
and justice and innate righteousness of their
arguments. (Everyone on Slashdot agrees with me
  -- and if you don't, you must not be enough of a
hardcore techie!) "The tech crowd" doesn't think as
one united bloc: plenty of us don't see every
  problem waiting to be solved as a Linux-shaped hole,
don't find Eric S. Raymond to be a particularly
eloquent or convincing spokesman for
  anything, don't think "User Friendly" is the
greatest comic strip ever -- and don't take great
stock in the things we find on Slashdot. 

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