[free-sklyarov] Meeting in Berkeley

Vadim Kogan vadim at xcf.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 8 12:24:49 PDT 2001

There will be a get-toghether/planning/etc. meeting in Berkeley on Saturday,
Aug 11th.

Location: Wozniak Lounge (enter from 4th floor patio)
          Soda Hall (big green building)
          UC Berkeley Campus

Date: Saturday, August 11th, 1pm - 9pm

We don't expect everybody to make it there by 1pm, but the earlier we start,
the better chance we have of finishing BEFORE 3:30am :-) Although there
won't be any major sign-making going on.

Directions: Find a map, find the big green spot where it says UC Berkeley
Campus. Soda Hall is on the north side of it, at the intersection of Hearst
and Le Roy Ave. If you're driving up hearst, you'll see Soda Hall on your
left side. It is a relatively big green building.

If you find the last meeting announcement, you'll see the ascii picture,
which I'm not going to make again now. Basically, there are 2 entrances,
since Hearst is slanted: one on the 3rd floor and one on the 4th floor. If
you face an entrance on the 4th floor and go to your right, you'll discover
a patio right around the corner of the building. If you go there you'll see
an open door and bunch of people inside. Those people are the ones you want
to be with.

We will have signs posted around the building with pointers. We will also
put some sort of directions on the web site (sf.freesklyarov.org).


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