[free-sklyarov] Things you can't do with ebooks

Daniel Richards kyhwana at world-net.co.nz
Wed Aug 8 19:05:43 PDT 2001

I apologise if this has already been brung up before (lots of mail!) 
but is there a list of things you can't do with ebooks somewhere?
Such as:
You can't read an ebook on the toilet! (Unless you pay again for the 
2nd copy on the laptop/terminal in the bathroom)
You can't read an ebook while in the bath.
You can't read an ebook while sitting on the beach (Again, unless 
you paid twice for the same book, one for a desktop and again for 
the laptop)
The main difference is that you need a laptop/palm to read ebooks 
anywhere where you can read normal books, except that batteries 
tend to need recharging. you also need to pay twice (Or more!)
Teachers couldn't read ebooks out aloud, unless they have a 
laptop/desktop (Again, the paying more than once, since there may 
be more than one class)

Then there are these new "you get to read this ebook for 10 hours 
and then you pay again"

I think we need a seperate word for ebooks that are "locked up" 
(media?) such as Adobe and Microsoft's ebook's. So one would 
know when someone is talking about the above or an ebook in 
Just what is an ebook? Is an ebook only an electronic version of a 
book that has been published in paper form?
If there is a (non-biased) FAQ anywhere, could they please post it 
to the list?

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