[free-sklyarov] Free book terminology (was Things you can't do with ebooks)

Robert Knop rknop at pobox.com
Thu Aug 9 06:51:24 PDT 2001

> I think we need a seperate word for ebooks that are "locked up" 
> (media?) such as Adobe and Microsoft's ebook's. So one would 
> know when someone is talking about the above or an ebook in 
> HTML/Text/etc.

How about a crippleBook?  That refers back to "CrippleWare," the form of
ShareWare which had key functionality disabled until you paid the
licensing fee.  Not really the same thing, since *here* you pay the
licensing fee just to get the crippled version.  But it does get the
point across that you're getting something limited.


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