[free-sklyarov] False story about Dmitry on Russian TV

Richard M. Smith rms at privacyfoundation.org
Thu Aug 9 15:22:35 PDT 2001


If Dmitry didn't have enough troubles already, it looks like 2 evenings
ago a Russian TV news program made up a story that Dmitry's Moscow
apartment was searched by police and classified Russian government files
were found.  The story appears to be a total fabrication.  The Russian
police, Dmitry, and Elcomsoft have now all denied the story.  It is
unclear what the TV news program was hoping to accomplish.  The show was
broadcast both in Russia and here in the US.  A friend of my wife saw it
in Boston on the International channel.  

Unfortunately, I did not find out the name of the Russian news show with
the false report. 

Here's what AP had to say about the story:

   Russia won't prosecute software programmer 

   "Chepchugov also denied reports that Interior Ministry 
   investigators had searched Sklyarov's Moscow apartment. 
   Elcomsoft director Vladimir Katalov has also denied any 
   such search."


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