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Paul Gowder paul at paultopia.net
Thu Aug 9 20:44:09 PDT 2001

I can't over-emphasize the influence economic globalization has has on this 
case, and others.  Only in a globalized economy, prepared for this 
development by NAFTA, GATT, WTO, WIPO, etc., etc., could a corporation pick 
and choose its nations law to apply.

That's what happened here, you realize.  Adobe chose to apply U.S. law 
because it was the most restrictive, the one they could be sure would get 
Dmitry punished.  Russian law wouldn't have worked, even though the only 
nation whose law would traditionally and sensibly have been applied is 
Russia.  If Singapore law would have been more repressive (not unlikely in 
most cases), Adobe could have waited for Dmitry to travel to Singapore, and 
then chosen their law.

Is this our world?  Is this our globe?  Is this our freedom?

I've hashed out a statement of principles on the whole globalization issue, 
I'd like anyone's imput:


Also, I'm thinking of writing a flyer, to be distributed before the 
upcoming FTAA protests in D.C. this fall, entitled something like "why 
globalization is bad for police" -- in the hopes of cutting down on the 
repression a little.

If anyone wants to help with ideas or words, please contact me.

	-Paul Gowder

	-Paul Gowder

"It's because they're stupid. That's why everyone does everything."
     - Homer Simpson

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