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I've had this in the back of my mind for a couple of
weeks now.  Time to write it down and make room for
something else.  Jay, you know where to send it.


Oxanna's Song

Words: Vagn Scott
Tune: Traditional ("My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean")
3/4 time, slow


        E           Esus4    E      Esus4
        Dmitri lies over the ocean,

        E           Esus4    F#m  B7
        Dmitri lies over the sea,

        E           Esus4    E      Esus4
        Dmitri lies over the ocean,

           F#m     B7        C#m7   F#
        Oh bring my Dmitri to me...

        F#m     B7        E   Esus4  E   Esus4
        Bring my Dmitri to me.

He sailed to the land of the Yankees,
He sailed to the home of the brave.
He sailed with a cargo of friendship.
And there they have made him a slave...
There they have made him a slave.


As God is my witness he taught them
To see through deception and lies.
Their wickedness grows without limit.
With laws they, the truth, do despise...
By law they, the truth, do despise.


Copyright 2001 Vagn Scott
License: Public performance (with or without fee), and/or recording and
distribution without fee in .mp3 and/or .ogg format allowed and encouraged.

In other words, if it is live, or free and Free, go ahead. (LOFAF)

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